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obtain cash without debt

Factoring: How to Obtain Cash Without Debt

 By: Chris Lanchech I’m sure that you know already that debt can be your worst enemy. It comes down to this: Are you solvent? Or if you’re not, will you soon be? In other words, is your insolvency temporary? Can you turn things around quickly? This is an issue that you must consider, the frequency of which will depend on your business and your circumstances. There are no hard and fast rules. No doubt you have seen, in the past few … [Read More...]

Cash Flow Advice

Why Factoring is a Great Source of Staffing Agency Funding

Technically speaking, there are several ways of obtaining staffing agency funding. You can approach a bank and apply for a loan or line of credit. You may sell … [Read More...]

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Looking for a Staffing Company Loan? (Tips )

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How to Smartly Use Staffing Company Cash from Factoring

When you start your own staffing company, your startup capital is spent first on office rent and supplies, recruitment and advertising so you can get customers. But when your company begins to attract a fair … [Read More...]

The Drawbacks of Non-Recourse Factoring

In regular factoring, you receive an average of 80% of the value of the invoices you submit in advance. You get the rest when the customer pays in full, and only after the factoring company takes its percentage … [Read More...]

Common Fallacies about Toronto Accounts Receivables Factoring

Trade receivables financing specifically invoice factoring is becoming very common all over the world. However, in Toronto accounts receivables factoring is still subject to a lot of misconceptions. So to set … [Read More...]