Picking a Local Factoring Company?

Management will tell you local business accounts for a portion of their larger clients. Why? Because we feel more comfortable handling business in person, face to face. A key benefit of local business is regular meetings. This is why we position our offices close to a major international airport, because we encourage meet-ups with our clients.
Location is important, so on the subject of picking a factoring company is it best to go with a local provider?
Without complicating things the answer is no. You need to pick a factoring company who will offer you the services you need at the rate you want. Nothing is worse than doing business with a factoring company just because they are local, and soon finding out you over paid and they are an unorganized company.
Your invoice factoring and purchase order financing can take place via fax, email, or phone. So clearly location is only a minor part of the equation. At NeeBo Capital we frequently fly to our clients offices in order to solidify our relationship as your choice factoring invoice firm.

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Chris Lanchech

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