Temp Staffing companies Can Help Small Businesses Develop

August 15, 2012

Think of this, the national employment rate in June was 8.2%. That means that there are a lot of GOOD people out of work. If your business is seeking a qualified individual but do not want to higher for the long-term I highly recommend looking into a temp Staffing company.

Temp Staffing companies Can Help Small Businesses Develop
Another benefit using a temp Staffing company to find short-term employees is you are able to expand your reach to highly experienced workers qualified in special areas. According to The Wall Street Journal after surveying 811 business owners found that 31% reported “they had unfilled job openings in July because they couldn’t identify applicants with the right skills or experience.”

Additionally, 41% of 154 small manufacturing firms surveyed reported they were un-able to find skilled and experienced workers.


Most business owners get applications from their websites, and walk-ins. Sure they get tons of applications, but a lot of the applicants have similar skills. By leveraging the databases Temp Staffing companies have you can narrow down your search. Business owners told The Wall Street Journal “We could grow a lot faster if we could find the right people.”

In the past it would make sense to train employees. However with the high turns in technology there may be a steep learning curve. Or maybe you’re looking for an applicant with a skill you don’t possess like PHP coding.

We recommend looking to Temp Staffing companies for new talent. We also recommend looking to Neebo capital to help you with your cash flow so you can put on new workers in the most efficient way possible. Maybe you have cash flow tied up in your accounts receivable or you have tried working with Temp Staffing companies in the past but they pay too slow. Either way give us a call and we will gladly help.

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