Are You Always In Search of Staffing Direct Lenders? Maybe You Need To Be A Better Manager

Running a staffing agency can be a complicated business, and it seems like you always need more cash to cover payroll, supplies, and advertising. If you’re always looking for staffing direct lenders because your customer stopped using your agency or refused to pay for shoddy services, your problem may not be in your choice of workers. Maybe you just need to be a better manager.

How do you know that you’re not quite the staffing agency manager you ought to be? Here are some signs you need to watch out for:

  • You don’t really have in-depth knowledge of every aspect of your business. Just because you took some business classes in your local college and you think that you know the “ins and outs” of staffing companies doesn’t automatically make you a great manager. And it surely doesn’t help if you don’t know about the service side of things.

So you have to know what your people know, or at the very least you learn some things about the work. If your staffing agency hires IT people, then you have to be conversant in IT topics as well. If you’re offering office cleaning services or lawn care services, then you should be aware of basic cleaning or lawn care methods.

  • You’re exempted from your own rules. You need to be part of the team, so the rules that apply to your own people have to apply to you. If you require your janitorial services to wear a uniform while on duty, then when you visit the cleaning sites you have to wear the uniform as well. If you insist that your IT people wear shirts and ties and have short haircuts, then you should also wear a shirt and a tie and have short hair as well.

You’re a manager and not a parent. You can’t just tell your people to do as you say. You have to lead by example.

  • You don’t treat everyone equally. You may think that having favorites is a good thing, but for a staffing company that can really poison the entire workforce. Having obvious favorites (and it will be obvious) can really damage company morale. It makes you look unprofessional and resentment can build up that can discourage your workers from doing their best.

So avoid having favorites and don’t treat people differently because of their gender or skin color. You can like some people more than others, which is only natural, but you have to act professionally and treat everyone fairly.

  • You like to manage everything. Such a tendency is called micromanagement, and it can send everyone working for you on the edge. You have to trust your people to do their work, and it’s best to just leave them if they’re doing their job ably enough.
  • You keep having useless meetings. Make sure that your meetings are actually useful. Often meetings are a big waste of time, so don’t schedule too many meetings just for the sake of having meetings.

Improve you managerial skills, and you may find yourself holding on to your customers because of the improved work quality of your people. Then perhaps your customers will pay on time, and you won’t need staffing direct lenders as often.