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Construction factoring is sometimes referred to under the name of commercial construction loans. When a construction company gets a new project, it needs to have the money on hand to purchase equipment, labor, and raw materials. This makes it hard on many construction companies to conduct business, and it puts a serious financial strain on them.

Construction factoring is sometimes referred to under the name of commercial construction loans. When a construction company gets a new project, it needs to have the money on hand to purchase equipment, labor, and raw materials. This makes it hard on many construction companies to conduct business, and it puts a serious financial strain on them. The volume of work is growing, but so is the mountain of unpaid invoices.

When you are working as an independent contractor or sub-contractor, you might get exposed to the kinds of risks that could put you out of business. Even though laws mandating prompt payment have been passed in many states, sometimes they don’t work well. It takes specialty contractors an average of two months and five days to collect their overdue invoices. Sometimes, a qualified construction company will have to pass on a job just because it doesn’t have the resources to fund the project. Commercial construction loans from a bank might be an option, but they are hard to get and rare.


What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Construction Factoring?


Construction factoring offers an alternative to the common kinds of commercial construction loans, and it’s an excellent way to grow your business. It’s a smart idea to choose a company that can get you money quickly for your invoices. It will guarantee that you can get the materials for your business, and you can get up to 80% of your invoice amount with the advance. The balance will be held completely in reserve until the invoice gets paid. Historically, the advance of 80% will be more than enough to cover all of your related expenses while still giving your company a great profit margin too.


How Should You Choose A Commercial Construction Factoring Company?


You should choose a company that has a good history of working with entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Choose a company that can recommend custom financial solutions for you. A lot of factoring companies refuse to offer commercial construction loans or construction factoring. Choose a company that is committed to helping your company grow. If you’re in the construction industry, it doesn’t mean that you should be prevented from getting the commercial construction loans that you need efficiently and quickly.


Choose Construction Factoring Solutions That Offer Cash Flow Problem Fixes Extremely Quickly


You should work with decision makers that ensure that the proposals are issued quickly, that the transactions are closed expediently, and the funds are in your hands as soon as possible. Choose a company that helps make the whole construction factoring process easy. From the first application fee to continual funding arrangements, you should choose a construction company that helps make the entire process quick to understand and simple to handle.
What Kinds Of Businesses Use Construction Factoring Solutions?


Space planners, security firms, roofing companies, plumbing companies, and excavation companies are just a few of the kinds of companies that use construction factoring solutions. There are a number of other kinds of companies that do as well.


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Microfinancing for working capital offered by Neebo

There was a time, not too long ago, generating capital through venture capital funds was the most viable option to take for growing businesses. But, over the last few years more independent business owners have been taking advantage of a stronger financial stratagey in 2012: Microfinancing.
Despite the fact that the volumes change by lender, nearly all Microfinancingloans are under $100,000. Based on a newly released survey in Entrepreneur-Magazine, non bank loan providers such as the SanFrancisco Bay Area’s Opportunity Monetary fund provide financial loans that on average are around $8,000. And, even more shocking is the fact that the same lenders say that the companies they give loans to have a survival rate that is more than twice the nation’s average with a repayment rate about comparable to standard banks.

In part, Microfinancing as a general practice has been increasing as many banks continue to struggling to serve the requirements of small business owners.

Experts in microfinancing believe that businesses who Microfinance do better than business owners who have went the route of traditional banks or charge cards as a result of a wide variety of factors such as more thorough screening. We know Microfinancers such as neebo capital make the extra effort to better know business owners individually, a practice which is not normally employed by traditional banks.

In addition, Microfinancing is often made in a group setting where business owners support one another and are also financially responsible for each others loans.
Moreover, smaller scale financial loans help the entrepreneur or business owner stay on target with their business and not as likely to get caught up in over extending.

For those business owners interested in microfinancingt, visit and speak with one of our specalists…. we’re business owners too.. we understand cash flow issues, and solutions.

Construction Company Finds Factoring Benefits For Payroll

Generally it appears that the bigger the job the slower the payment. Think about a construction company that secured a contract to service an event for a very large business. The large company pays out on the 10th of every month, but the construction company pays its employees on the first.
The problem is, The construction company will need to pay their employees before they receive payment from the large company. This small business does not have the cash flow to buy all of the required supplies for the event and pay their employees. What options does the construction company have? Delay paying their employees? Implement for short-term credit with their bank? It’s important to pay employees on time and seeking credit from a traditional financial organization might take more time than wanted due to the demanding approval process.

One remedy to solve this construction company’s cash flow problem is to make use of account receivables factoring. This way of short-term financing would permit the construction company to invest in supplies, pay vendors and meet payroll.

It is crucial to know that when your business is experiencing difficulty meeting payroll you will find a number of remedies available to you. Staying aware of these remedies is essential, particularly when time turns into a factor. Applying for short-term credit from a bank normally takes time and the application process is tough. Take the time to learn about the options available to your business now so that if you end up in a situation where you can’t meet payroll, you’ll know what to do. Have a solution before the problem arises.