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Holidays Bring Boom to the Temp Staffing Industry

When it comes to the temp staffing industry there is a temp job available in each season. Perhaps the busiest season for temp staffing agencies is the fall/holiday season. The reason for this is because many retailers are looking for a temporary boost of employees to help get them through the busiest time of the year. However, the usage patterns for contingent workers will depend on the industry. While retailers hire in the fall, temp jobs in the finance and accounting industry will boom during the spring when tax time rolls around. In the hospitality industry the most temp jobs are found during the summer months when more people are travelling.


Retail Hiring


In the fall, when the holidays start to approach retailers up their hiring to match the demand found in their stores. Macy’s is a large retailer that does a lot of temp hiring during the holiday season. In fact, starting in September the stores will hire nearly 80,000 employees according to statistics. Toys R Us will hire around 40,000 temp employees to help them get through the holiday season.

Logistics Hiring


One of the most seasonal/temporary staffing jobs comes in the field of logistics. Logistics companies such as FedEx and UPS will hire for the holiday season. UPS reports that they will hire around 55,000 employees for the holiday season this year and FedEx reports that it will hire at least 20,000 seasonal employees to help cover the busy holiday season.


In the last week before Christmas, UPS estimates that they will deliver over a 120 million packages throughout the world. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, FedEx expects to deliver more than 260 million packages around the world. Both of these estimates are up significantly from their projections last year.


Why Companies Hire Temp Workers


There are many reasons why companies choose to hire temporary workers. In fact, while the majority of temporary workers will be hired during the holiday season, there are some companies that hire temps throughout the year. The main reason a company chooses to hire temps is because it is much cheaper labor for the company.


A temporary employee can be paid less than a full time or even a part time employee. In addition, a company does not have to offer temporary employees any type of benefits. The job description for temporary employee’s states that the job is not permanent and for this reason the company can get by with paying the employee less and can terminate the position at any given time.


In the United States, hiring temporary employees using temp agencies is on the rise. Large companies see the benefits of using this form of employment for their business. However, one of the issues with this is that the people working temp jobs are not offered job security in any way. This means that they may have a job temporarily, but can lose it at any time. This can be harmful to the economy overall.


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