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Medical factoring is excellent for small, private practices that don’t have the money to move their business forward in the moment.

Medical accounts receivable factoring is sometimes a necessary part of running a small medical practice or a private office that takes in new patients because it’s the only way to ensure that the business stays afloat, moves forward, and can expand as needed. It’s just one of the most essential ways to help get that much-needed working capital to move the business in a good direction, even when you don’t have the money yourself. It can be hard for a struggling healthcare specialist to move their business in a positive direction when their capital is held down.


Why should you have to wait one to three months to get the payments you need from your patients, when there are medical accounts receivable factoring companies that can give you the money up-front for those invoices so that you can have the working capital to move forward. You can get cash advanced on your accounts receivables in less than 24 hours in a lot of cases.


What is medical factoring? Factoring is taking the accounts receivable of a business and turning them into cash when the outstanding invoices are sold to a “factor” for a discount. It’s true that you’re not going to get the same amount of money for your invoices, but you are going to get close to 80%, and you are going to get the money right away, which makes it kind of worth it. Accounts receivable factoring gives the business the immediate cash stream needed to manage its function in a more efficient way.


A lot of businesses just haven’t considered factoring when it comes to looking for financing, and that is a darn shame. They might not understand factoring or how it could help them. They need to realize, however, that factoring is one of the oldest methods of offering working capital to help businesses deal with their cash flow needs.


Cash flow problems can always happen at the inception of a business, in the beginning stages of business development, or throughout periods of rapid growth. Cash flow can be a real problem in the healthcare industry because the completed work might not be paid for, for one to three months after the invoice is issued. So, a lot of businesses try to apply for small business loans.


However, the ordinary kind of borrowing increases the business expenses, and it often necessitates more collateral too. This is not something that a lot of doctors relish, and they don’t want to come up with a lot more money to pay back the loans, when you take interest rates and terms into consideration, but they are unaware of the alternative of medical accounts receivable factoring.

The factoring company will just evaluate the strength of the client’s accounts receivable, and based on the credulity of the doctor and the patients, the company will give money for the accounts that haven’t been collected on already. That is an excellent thing for small, private practices that don’t have the money to move their business forward in the moment.

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