Small Business reduce costs by Factoring Invoices

You are in business to make money, and today the business environment is not getting better as fast as many small businesses would like, so many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs. Factoring is a strategy most US businesses do not consider, because it is widely misunderstood.
Instead small businesses look for obvious methods they know such as comparison shopping for the best deals on affordable insurance premiums, re-negotiating a lease or mortgage, however there are also some creative ways to save money such as invoice factoring.

You could start hiring short-term employees. An employee leasing company can help you save considerable amounts on benefits ,as the leasing company usually offers benefits to its workforce by itself. Employing temporary employees insures that you will be only paying for work as you need it.

Try shopping for business credit cards without any annual fee and also the lowest interest rates. Also steer clear of cash advances as credit card companies charge fees on the advance as well as a significant interest rate. And when making deposits in the bank, attempt to make them early in the day so that you start earning interest the same day.

If you can,Go paperless. it is possible to lower storage and printer costs along with better efficiency mainly because paperwork which are e-mailed get there immediately, as opposed to the time it will take to send something by way of USPS also preventing postage charges.

as opposed to buying office equipment, consider leasing it. If you not possess the equipment this will mean you are not responsible for many service or maintenance charges.

Think about factoring to help relieve cash flow complications quickly. Many business owners aren’t familiar with factoring receivables, the cash flow strategy wherein a small business sells its accounts receivable invoices to a factoring company like Neebo capital at a discount in exchange for immediate cash.

Factoring Invoices isn’t a bank loan. Loans are based on your assets and the ability to pay it back. But when factoring receivables, the funds available are based on your credit-worthy customers and are virtually unlimited. The more invoices you have, the higher your credit line is.

It is a wise idea to try alternative sources of funding like factoring receivables.

We define factoring for manufacturers, suppliers, and other businesses selling on credit.

Nowadays the business environment is changing, cahsflow and capital are not easy to come by for the manufacturing and supply sectors. Business opportunities are becoming more competitive and margins are shrinking. Your clients are also needing more time to payback on their invoices.
As business owners we understand this scenario, and here at Neebo Capital we can help. We can
boost your cash flow by providing advances of cash against the value of the businesses outstanding invoices.

Afterward you issue new invoices, we send you up to 90% of the exact value of the invoice within just twenty-four hours. And as soon as we receive payment from your customer, the remaining capital are paid to you, minus a small services fee.

For manufactures, suppliers and other businesses looking to sell off of credit this process of factoring gives you easy access to a continuous source of cash linked to your sales. So as your business grows we deliver the funds…fast! This cash on hand will allow you to take advantage of discounts your suppliers may offer for paying early, the capital will allow you to increase growth projects, marketing, ect.

In addition to the cash that we provide, neebo capital can also help you save valuable management time. This is time spent better focusing on expanding your business.

We provide a accounts receivable managing program where we follow up and collect outstanding invoice repayments from your customers on your behalf, to ensure that you have more time to focus on generating new business. We prepare and send out statements, telephone all of your customers, collect payments for you and maintain professional and detailed accounts of your transactions. We give you twenty four hours on-line accessibility to your records, including scanned images of the checks that we receive, conversations, ect.

We have defined factoring, and our management service we offer as an optional. If you are interested in our factoring service, or any other need for capital then please visit and discover how you can get funds to grow your business.


Freight Bill Factoring Works Fast

Freight brokerages have a tendency to generally be very cash flow rigorous businesses – where the owner is walking on a tightrope attempting to balance slow shipper payments and quick payment demands from . This creates a dilemma because they need to pay their drivers quickly, but they don’t to angry shippers by requesting quick pays.


Their first line of protection is to use their on reserves to pay drivers, while waiting to get paid by shippers. Unfortunately, paying drivers out of cash reserves will restrict your growth and, if done too much, it can create issues for your business.

A much better alternative is to use company financing to take care of this gap. There is one particular type of financing that addresses this specific problem – it’s called freight bill factoring.

Freight bill factoring offers the equivalent of a quick pay, which improves your cash flow and offers the needed funds to pay your drivers and grow your business. It works by having a factoring company act as a financial intermediary in the transaction.

You sell the fright bill to the factoring company who pays you for it immediately. The transaction is then settled once your shipper pays the bill in full. The factoring company charges a small fee for this service – usually a percentage of the freight bill.

One of the advantages of freight factoring is that is easier to obtain than most conventional financing. The most important qualification requirement is the credit quality of your shippers. Aside from that, your company needs to be free of liens, judgment’s and tax problems.
Freight factoring can be an ideal tool for brokers who are growing quickly and whose biggest assets is a roster of reliable and credit worthy shippers.