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All you need to do is send in your weekly timecards and invoices, and you can get between 80% and 93% of the cash in your account the very next day.
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There are a lot of businesses out there that fund payroll and growth for staffing companies. There are multiple businesses all across the U.S. and Canada that deliver reliable, timely service to their clients. You should choose a company based on the ability to provide maximum cash flow, so that you can bill today and get paid in full the next day, one that lets you eliminate bad debt, such that you get free credit protection on your customers, one with full payroll services, one that accepts young companies, one that doesn’t have a minimum volume required, and one that lets you only pay for what you use.


When you sign up as a client at a great company, there should be a program that is tailored and works for you. It should provide as-needed cash flow, maximum cash flow, and cash plus total services. As-needed cash flow means that if your cash flow happens to suffer sometimes from peaks and valleys at seasonal times, or because of customer frugal behavior, or unexpected orders, then a cash program can really do the trick. When you have to have the cash, send in your timecards and invoices on customers that are credit-approved. The cash will be transferred, minus the fee for the service, and it will be transferred into your account the very next day too.

A company should also provide maximum cash slow so that if your company is expanding, you will need to get maximum liquidity from your assets. You can join up for maximum cash flow with a great company that will help you get that much-needed cash right when you need it. All you need to do is send in your weekly timecards and invoices, and you can get between 80% and 93% of the cash in your account the very next day.

When you need a complete A/R and credit office, and you want to cut your expenses and eliminate bad debt, while reducing overhead, then go with a company like this. You need to concentrate your staff on building a business, not making calls for collection. Cash plus total services offer a complete working solution for administration and working capital. You can use a full-service approach if you want. Even more than any other package available, you will get the resources you need to help grow your business. You can start the process, and the company can take it from there afterward.


Now that you’ve had a thorough introduction to invoice factoring for staffing companies, and what it can offer, you’d be wise to hook up with an invoice factoring company right away to get the money you need for your struggling staffing company business. If you’re going through a hard time with your own staffing business, it may be the only way to get the much-needed working capital you need to survive. It is imperative that your business doesn’t suffer since there is a lack of working capital, and you need to secure that through a reliable company.


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Staffing companies use factoring companies to have consistent and reliable cash flow fast. This is primarily because the staff, and the payroll, is the primary cost of doing business.

Do you have a temp staffing company? Do you need immediate funding? Funding payroll and growth for temporary staffing agencies has been a niche specialty of many invoice factoring companies for a number of years. There are all kinds of financial instruments, and one of those extends to staffing companies.


If your cash flow suffers time and again from seasonal sales spikes, or peaks and valleys, customers tightening their belts, or unexpected orders coming in, a cash only program might just do the trick. When you require cash, just send the invoices into the staffing company factoring company, and they’ll transfer the cash, minus any fees for their service, into your account the day afterward.


If your company is growing, and you need maximum cash flow, you might want to get maximum liquidity from the assets you have. You can also sign up for maximum cash flow at many of these companies too. You will just send your weekly timecards and invoices in, and you can get a percentage of your cash, up to 95% sometimes, the next day. Once you’ve picked a company for all of your factoring, you will rest easy knowing that one company can handle most of it. Plus, these same kinds of companies can help out with all types of financial instruments like eliminating bad debt, full payroll services, maximizing cash flow, helping young companies thrive, and more. Plus, no minimum volume may be required, depending on the company you choose. That is great for young and struggling companies. Plus, there are a lot of companies that let you pay only for what you use.


There are some serious financial institutions that provide invoice factoring services to staffing companies all across the U.S. and Canada. Some of these companies are international, and they go beyond the borders of the U.S. and Canada, but most of these companies just operate in the North American continent, and that area. These companies should be leaders in providing working capital to staffing companies such as yours if you’re going to choose them to help fulfill your needs. Don’t choose a company that hasn’t had a number of years in the industry. The credit lines that these kinds of companies can provide allow clients to get immediate access to funds that would normally have been tied up in accounts receivable, eliminating a delay of payment that could last between 30 and 60 days. No company wants to wait that long to get their hands on their money.


Staffing companies, by their essential nature, have to have consistent and reliable cash flow. This is primarily because the staff, and the payroll, is the primary cost of doing business. Staffing companies usually pay their employees each week, and that adds to the cash flow stress. The balance can be maintained when the clients for the staffing company pay on time, but that’s hardly ever the case. You need a company that will back you up as far as staffing company factoring. Choose wisely, and your staffing company will run a lot more smoothly. If you don’t choose wisely, it won’t run smoothly at all.


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